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Mailing For Money 2017 – Vick Carty – Value $299

About This Class This is a great course for getting great concersions with your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing still works in 2017. Building a list of interested leads or customers and keeping a constant contact with them is a sure-fire way to get attention and sales to your business,…

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Email Players – Ben Settle

(Missing Issues: 64,50,49,48,47,46,45,44,43,42.41,40,39,38,35,29 Latest Issue: 67 (Feb 2017)) Here’s what I mean: Email Players is an offline (paper & ink) newsletter featuring a mixture of hard email marketing teaching and instruction, along with psycho analysis of emails (mine, subscribers, other emails I see, etc). So you’ll see what’s worked and…

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CBS Formula – Value $69.95

  From Struggling to make $300 Monthly to Raking In $51,564.08 in 1 Week… Discover How YOU Can Copy The Same Formula & Profit $500-$1,000/Day within Your First Week! Introducing… Our system is as simple as… Create a product Build an email list Sell the product to the email list…

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Email Alchemy Elite 2.0 – Daniel Levis – Value $750

EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” 2.0 Generate a Tsunami of Orders In Days to Double, Triple, or Quadruple Your Sales 1#  The CORE ARSENAL – 12 EMAIL ALCHEMY Templated Campaigns. Over 55,000 Words of Spell-Binding Copy. The Entire Subscriber Life-Cycle, HANDLED! (Delivered Over 11 Weeks with Financing Option) Set your EPN (Earnings…

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Email Marketing Practitioner – Market Motive – Value $299

Email marketing has the power to nurture relationships with prospects and loyal customers at all stages of the buying cycle. In this course, Matt Bailey walks through proven strategies for creating an email program. From building lists, to crafting emails, to avoiding spam filters, and all the way to generating…

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Ben Adkins – Email Inception – Value $299

What is “Email Inception”? It’s a method that you can use to get someone to actually consider something that they might not have otherwise given a second thought to. In short… This is a method to get someone to break out of their normal thinking patterns and to really use…

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CopyHackers – 10x Emails – Value $997

We took the best of the Copy Hackers Email Copywriting Course and added TWO EMAIL BOOTCAMPS plus a private Facebook group to create a program designed to turn you into a kick-butt email copywriter. Even if email scares you. If your email copy doesn’t sell, why are you working to…

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Market-Motive Email Marketing Practitioner – Value $299

What is this course about? Email Marketing is now a powerful tool, in reaching out to new customers, retaining existing customers and building lifetime customer value. Market motive’s Email marketing training course will train you on the advanced email marketing strategies to use mailers as an effective marketing medium. The…

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