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Simple Writing System 2.0 – John Carlton

Once you understand the fundamentals and advanced salesmanship techniques I teach, you will never be frustrated or intimidated by any new marketing channel or technology. You will know exactly how to write what needs to be written to make the sale, every time. John Carlton’s “Simple Writing System 2.0” Is…

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Article Writing Home Study – Sean D’Souza

My personal opinion: One of the best article writing programs on earth (Biztguy agrees) How to stop knocking on client’s doors, and get them to call you instead! (Learn why articles do a far superior job of attracting the clients you want–and how the right articles make you the expert…

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Fast Effective Copy – Garfinkel and McLeod

Why do we keep putting up copywriting courses? Because everyone has their own level of comfort and giving you a broad spectrum of choices means eventually you’ll find something that clicks for you. This may be that course. Highly structured, this is set up to walk you through each part…

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Simple Writing System [DVD] – John Carlton

From the sales letter. If you’re an entrepreneur or small biz owner struggling to bring in the Big Bucks, please know this: Your lack of success is NOT because you haven’t found the right super-secret trick or magic gadget. Nope.  The success you crave is being held up because of…

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Becoming a Great Essayist – TTC – Value $59

If you have a clever anecdote, an interesting memory, a new way to explain how something works, or an opinion on a social or political issue, then you have an essay in you. Unlike a novel, history book, or scientific publication, essays provide you with the versatility to express all…

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The Writer’s Recipe Box – Smart Blogger – Value $997

Writers Recipe Box provides 12 foundational lessons together with 12 detailed “recipes” for different post types. Support is provided via a Facebook group and monthly workshops (one per recipe.) We give high-level critiques of a few student posts in the Facebook group and in the workshops but just a selection….

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Kick Ass Copywriting Crash Course – Value $47

“The Amazing Secret Of The Most Profitable Sales Letter In The History Of The World!” Stop losing money promoting your website… and… start converting visitors to paying customers like crazy (while generating serious cash flow for your business) with the secret of The Most Profitable Advertisement In History! John Anghelache Direct…

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The Art Of Writing – Richard Tarnas – Value $65

“This landmark workshop, the fruit of 30 years of writing and teaching, was given before a sold-out audience at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in November 2007. In these lectures, Richard Tarans provides an in-depth look at writing not just as an intellectual and artistic discipline, but as a spiritual path….

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